Quality Representation for Our Clients

Our firm concentrates on business-centered representation, offering experienced legal counsel to a variety of businesses. However, we also handle general civil litigation for individuals as well as providing criminal defense. The firm has vast experience in contract negotiation and contract litigation, tort litigation, complex and commercial litigation, all types of employment law, insurance disputes, and matters involving trademark/copyright infringement and other intellectual property rights.

  • Appeals

  • Business and Commercial Law

  • Civil Litigation

  • General Counsel Services

  • Employment and Labor Law

  • Intellectual Property Litigation

  • Criminal Defense

  • Estate and Probate Litigation

Whether your business needs representation or you are an individual seeking help, chances are we have the experience to assist. However, if our firm is not the right fit, we can help refer you to professional(s) who better suit your needs. We have lots of “partners” within the industry and are not afraid to help you find the best possible fit in a lawyer. We do not try to do every type of work because, as the old saying goes, “a jack of all trades” is a master of none. We master our work and leave it to other professionals to master theirs.

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